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Finland, the Happiest Country of the Year

The country was elected by the UN Sustainable Development Agency (SDSN)

Downtown at Helsinki, Finland - Image Credit ourfinland at Instagram

The high level of life expectancy, social justice, and government attention have apparently become the referral of the UN official, following a series of thorough and careful examinations of as many as 156 other countries on the annual list. They chose Finland for some reason that can be understood by all parties involved in the study, where in this 338 thousand square kilometer country, there is seldom any social conflict.

Of course the consideration of SDSN with the above criteria can be a reference, as it was later submitted, in addition to Finnish citizens, these three factors are also felt by the immigrants who come there.

You may know that when immigrants come to this country, they provide an official rating in relation to all the things that immigrants can feel.

Looking at the list released the previous year, Finland managed to shift the …

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