Monday, February 20, 2017

Bali, 12 Years became the Best Island

The island is known as the Island of Gods in Southeast Asia

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Peninsula, Bali - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

The island of Bali is always nice if you want to feel the different atmosphere from the hubbub of the big cities of the world, a small island located in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago, which is well worth a visit if you want to enjoy the traditional atmosphere, the culture of the teachings of Hindu, the people were friendly and unique culinary.

Despite having been several times to the island, always can receive the typical atmosphere of a tropical island, with seductive beaches, palm trees waving and blowing wind in your face.

This island deserves to have pride, citing detikTravel sites, today, having received an award as the world's best island by DestinAsian Readers Choice Award (RCA).

As I wrote in the previous paragraph, natural beauty, cultural wealth, culinary delights, comfort of staying up to the hospitality of the Balinese people returned appreciated by the world.

This island known as the island that has 1000 pura (a kind of Hindu temple - local terms), and a first consideration as the best island version of DestinAsian Readers Choice Award (RCA) 2017, a travel magz based in Singapore.

As the release of I Gde Pitana, Deputy of Tourism Marketing Foreign Ministry of Tourism Indonesian said that he appreciates the recognition.

"This is the very proud title. For 12 consecutive years Bali has been named as the best island by DestinAsian Readers Choice Award (RCA)."

He deserved proud of the awards that received, the trust continues to streak given the world community to the island of Bali.

"The potential of tourism in this country is incredible. Not only Bali. As for the activity of snorkeling destination, even Galapagos successfully passed. Includes bypassed by two destinations around the region, namely the Raja Ampat and Komodo Island."

International recognition will boost credibility, because it is given by the party that has a high reputation in the field of tourism, DestinAsian itself, is one of the largest travel magazine in Asia that have been published since 2001.

Bali should become a tourist destination until now, along with other areas in the vicinity, such as Lombok Island, Komodo Island and diving region of Raja Ampat. They have a tradition of the past, today, and tomorrow.

Source: A Farhan - detikTravel, Ministry of Tourism Indonesia
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Admission to Disneyland More Expensive

It seems that you need to think again if you wish traveled with family

Tourists in Disney, Florida - Image credit L Priyanti

Holiday to Disneyland can be a beautiful dream for many families in the world who have small children, even this flexible region to be visited by the tourists and visitors of various ages. So do not be surprised then if Disneyland is getting spread to several countries in the world.

For many, especially among families, go on a trip to Disneyland is referred to as the happiest place in the world, citing the site CNN Indonesia, February 14, so go to a place like can be an attractive option for families.

But. This situation did not last long at the beginning of 2017, many people will think twice to come there, because the price of admission playground was increased.

The increase in the price of admission occurred at Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, citing the site Travel and Leisure on Tuesday, February 14, included in the ticket price increases, among others, per day, per year ticket to a parking ticket.

Perhaps you can see the details of the ticket price even further, approximately US$ 5 to US$ 20 has been in effect since last weekend.

Meanwhile, as it was known before the increase, the price of tickets per day about US$ 100.

Indeed, there is always a thrill attraction of new game there, so that the visitors and tourists feel attracted come to visit. But, now Disneyland also give ticket purchase time categories, namely the admission on weekdays, weekends and summer holidays.

And every day the price of admission each day is different.

Then present some suggestions to get a good price gap, among other things, to buy tickets from far-away days before the time of the visit, because Disneyland will give discounts with fairly cheap price.

There is always a way to save money there, because Disneyland offers Resident Pass program that can be used for various discounts.

Visitors get remarkable compensation, though tickets are becoming more expensive, do not worry, there is always a new vehicle, such as the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, even you can enjoy Pandora: The World of Avatar. Fair enough.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: L Priyanti

Tequila mixed with Mezcal ala Adam Levine

Incooperation with Sammy Hagar together to create the best products from both

Adam Levine - Image credit gashleygoh

Typical drink of Mexico has always been one of the fans choice of drinks in various cafés and bars, you may not agree, but the fact that is often found in various places to drink are commonly found drinks from Mexico. Despite the efforts of President Donald Trump to build a wall from the Mexican border.

There are always certain things that happen to many types of drinks at a café and bar, for example, alcoholic beverages typical of Cuba into the beverage most 'hated' by the bartenders in California, Mojito, due solely to make this drink requires a lot of caution and concentration when mixed with juggling way.

But. This time other types of beverages from Mexico, citing the site CNN Indonesia, February 16, as was done by Adam Levine who later teamed with rock musician Sammy Hagar to produce a product that is a combination of two types of typical Mexican drinks, tequila and mezcal.

Those with the creativity of the spirit seemed to give a new name as Santo Mezquilla.

I think you know better, tequila is one of the famous alcoholic beverage in the world made from agave tequilana plants that grow around the town of Tequila, Mexico. This plant is known to contain the amount of natural sugar in the form of high fructose and has characteristics that match was made into a type of alcoholic beverage.

Agave fields in Tequila, Mexico - Image credit Mdd4696

Likewise, mezcal, alcohol drink that coming from Oaxaca, a city known for the various types of agave plants are the subject of mezcal.

Levine is creative person and experimental effort, citing the Daily Meal, he said that their creation is made from 100 percent blue agave and Espadin agave for the sake of sweet and rich flavor. Then the product is experiencing three times distillation process, in order to get a sense of who he thinks will be favored by many people.

"The sensation is typical agave that has a delicate flavor and a touch of sweet smoke ala mezcal. It is perfect for breathing."

They both, at first met two years ago at a dinner in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Sammy talking seriously to produce the concept of a new beverage types.

"When me and Adam start a mix of different flavors, I knew we had something special that people will love."

And them, both, seem increasingly eager to introduce to the world, starting from Las Vegas, California, New York, Texas and Florida in the first quarter of this year.

Source: P Tripeni Juniman - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal
Image: Wikipedia

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Chocolate 'Friendly' Teeth Healthy

A label in Japan had created 'chocolate' friendly on dental health

Choco 21 cheese, illustration - Image credit Curds and Whey, Melbourne

Chocolate and kind of sweet food does have its own fans, so do not be surprised if you often see a row of shops seller at shopping centers in major cities of the world. You're even, perhaps, become a fan of sweets, or perhaps foods containing chocolate.

But. Sweet food and other types of chocolate are easier to find the always the 'enemy' by the dentist for causing tooth decay and difficult to avoid by most people, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, so there's always the business of the chocolate maker to find a strategy that did not make broken teeth.

And there is a label in Japan, which then creates a friendly 'chocolate' on dental health who wants to enjoy it.

Manufacturers of herbal toothpaste made a toothpaste with chocolate flavor menthol named Claudia, citing the sites Rocket News 24, they even claim that they created the chocolate toothpaste helps people who are difficult to be separated from dependence on chocolate.

This is indeed a special product that is sold "online" are priced at US$ 15, you've seen in most toothpaste with the same function, namely to clean the teeth and create conditions fresher breath.

Not quite up there, an extra thrill, they add other compositions such as chocolate chips to toothpaste, causing the sweet taste like after eating chocolate.

Toothpaste manufacturers are confident, they advertise toothpaste with a slogan that encourages people to brush your teeth when you want to eat chocolate instead of cocoa products was completely consumed.

Despite its original idea was to sell it at the moment when Valentine's Day, but the producers decided to resume sales this year.

Anyone who is curious can try it, even their beliefs about chocolate that can damage teeth, a study says that the food actually can help strengthen teeth.

I think one ever studied it has the authority to say, the content of the cocoa bean chocolate as raw material which can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria on the teeth.

But. Whatever it is their argument, if you eat too much, certainly at risk.

Source: P & C Andhika Tripeni Juniman Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Rocket News 24
Image: Curds and Whey Page

Enjoy Chocolate Flavor in the Dark

Special ways to get more out of chocolate delights

Cella chocolate-covered cherrie, illustration - Image credit Evan-Amos

The charm of the atmosphere of the night is a kind of tranquility that ask you to pause for a moment, thinking about what had happened, make improvements, and reflect the best chances for tomorrow. I thought it was a quote from a wise man of a past, I just remember it for a moment.

It turned out that the atmosphere of the night also had an influence in other cases, say when you're want to eat chocolate, those who have enjoyed it, did say that there could be a special way to enjoy the delights of chocolate, alone in the dark and silent.

This quote was obtained from an article on the site CNN Indonesia, today, as conveyed by Jeremy Guioth, Business Development Manager Singapore - Indonesia Chocolaterie Valrhona in Jakarta, Friday, February 17th.

"Dark, alone and silently makes us more focused on the chocolate."

Night in the dark does give the impression to the human body sensors, Guioth said human sense of taste can be more focused enjoy chocolate, including flavors that are usually overlooked.

A feature of the nighttime atmosphere that invites a lot of sensation for humans, a kind of another form of self-protection, inviting impression of mystery that was never answered by a human sense of taste.

Guioth also explained the ritual eating chocolate that tasted better that really exert senses.

When you're in a certain atmosphere of the night, the chocolates were in hand, enjoy the first impression, looked at the chocolate to be eaten.

See the color, imagine what it was like when it was in the mouth.

Fun stages when you're alone with the chocolate, the seconds passed, bite the chocolate to cut into small parts so that the aroma burst.

The moment of sensation will be present for you, remember not too much to chew, let the pieces of the chocolate melts in the mouth.

Your face will be flushed when thousands of nerve sensation of sweet taste, feel the texture and aroma of the changes that occur when hot mouth to make the chocolate melts.

And this is the hubbub, "Finally, take a deep breath to feel the aroma of chocolate is eaten."

Relief in you, when the nights passed gracefully.

Source: Lesthia Kertopati - CNN Indonesia
Image: Evan-Amos via Wikipedia

Beer and Wine As Much As You Like in Japan

A restaurant in Tokyo offer a package to drink freely

Restaurant in Tokyo - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Foods package promo can be obtained in various ways, for example in a restaurant that was doing foods package and beverages or also in certain major holidays. Perhaps you've found a restaurant that offers a menu of all you can eat or you can eat in a lump sum, and generally as a 'gimmick' that can entice new customers to try the tempting restaurant menu.

Attract bids from several restaurants increasingly attractive as an alternative option when financial conditions are being 'bankrupt', thus reviewed in a site CNN Indonesia, February 15, and not just food, this time the public can also enjoy the way to enjoy a flavored beverage alcohol.

Now a restaurant in Tokyo, as quoted from the site Japan Today, offers to drink freely packages of various types of liquor that can be enjoyed with a price of 100 yen.

Try it you were present in the restaurant, then serving drinks are offered to restaurant guests, various types of beverages such as beer, wine, whiskey can be ordered with up to a very cheap price.

Guests can even enjoy other types of beverages, alcohol beverages, cocktails and snacks ordinary as can be ordered at the same price.

Even more exciting for anyone, because you do not need to bring a friend to be able to enjoy a meal at a restaurant serving this promos, one can also enjoy it alone.

Despite the temptation interesting, there are regulations that deserves to be obeyed by the guests in the restaurant, the cost of 100 yen is charged only for a drink on the spot for ten minutes.

Or in other words, if you want to spend more drinks than the time specified, will be charged an additional fee of 100 yen. They are quite careful in this regard, because starting from the time of booking until the time of paying the entire meal at the checkout.

Then you can visit the downtown area of ​​Tokyo, this restaurant can be reached in around 10 minutes from Shinjuku station, and their promos offered to customers who apply starting from 2pm to 7pm.

A great marketing technique, brilliant and managed to attract a lot of rummy to come and 'partying'.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Japan Today
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro

Friday, February 17, 2017

'Mickey Mouse Man' Request Money from a Tourist

Men costumed Mickey Mouse fool a tourist who wants to take pictures with expensive rates

Times Square, New York - Image credit L Priyanti

Fraud in the tourist objects seem to look more and more frequent, so tourists are expected to have their own vigilance, given the ignorance can be exploited by certain parties. You can see a lot of facts that occurred when they were in the tourist area, say the tourists who do not know the situation, so they are a party that is susceptible to fraud.

Even scams can occur not only rife in Asia, or Europe, but also in the United States. Quoting from the site Travel and Leisure on Thursday, February 16, when a Mickey Mouse dressed as extortion of money a tourist who wants to take pictures with him.

The man, Lester Mengersen it everyday to work dressed as Disney characters in Times Square, New York, as reported on the CNN Indonesia sites, often styled a la Mickey Mouse and then offered to take pictures for anyone who passes in front of him.

He gave a rate of US $ 190 for a picture taken with him, and when he thinks deserve to be 'victims', last weekend, a tourist from Tennessee who were aged 21 years admitted that Mengersen give him a rate of US $ 310, which is billed via credit card.

Of course, the travelers felt unusual, this feels weird, he felt cheated, and a moment later he immediately complained to the New York police who happened to be patrolling.

Did not take long, Mengersen was soon secured.

A bad day for him, Monday, February 13, Mengersen charged with theft in small quantities. And, just believe what happened then, he must be present at the hearing premiere will be held on 10th April.

Advertising lights at Times Square - Image credit L Priyanti

So it goes, tourists visiting Times Square does have to give a tip if you want to take pictures with people wearing unique costumes. But preferably through a bargaining process that is carried out and payment must be made with cash.

Please note, a similar incident had occurred which 'involves' Minnie Mouse.

Approximately a similar incident last year, in the same area, people with Minnie Mouse costume "squeezing" of the tourists to leave a tip for US $ 20.

And, indeed should all be made clear, the transaction took place after all becomes clear. Win-win.

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: L Priyanti - NY