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10 Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living

City of Almaty in Kazakhstan as the city with the cheapest version of the EIU

Marina Bay, Singapore - Image credit L Pandjaitan

Cities with the cheapest cost of living may be one of the main attraction for most tourists in the world, from a wide range of choices when they want to decide on a sightseeing trip this year.

It might even not only the city the lowest cost, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 22, but also the city with high living costs can be a consideration of the tourists.

Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) conducted a study of the cities in the world, and found many versions of these cities. As then they obtained from a series of studies, Almaty in Kazakhstan is referred to as the city with the cheapest cost of living and Singapore into a city with the most expensive cost of living.

In their work, the quote of the site Travel and Leisure on Wednesday, March 22, EIU estimated cost of hundreds of life-support needs, ranging from food, drink, clothing, household items, up t…

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