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Silver Sprinkle Only for Decoration

Christmas dishes often use silver sprinkle ornaments, but not to eat

The Cakes, illustration - Image Credit N Rosdiana

Festive offerings of Christmas cakes will adorn many eating places as the Christmas season arrives, especially this December. Normally when you pass the showcase of pastry shops will be presented a variety of Christmas cakes that tempt flavor with a splash of light that invites a stop for a moment.

You must know the festive Christmas dinner in front of the family home table that celebrates Christmas, similar viewers will be seen, the colorful Christmas cakes sparkling in color. Indeed, the purpose of a silver sprinkle sprinkled on top of the cakes is to make the atmosphere more lively and impressive, of course.

Who refused the dish of Christmas cookies like that? Quoting CNN Indonesia, December 13, that you could be tempted, but need to be more vigilant and able to control the amount of cake that goes into the stomach.

Regardless of the sweet and tasty taste of the c…

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