Restaurant without Tip, New Culture in Uncle Sam

A tradition that has lasted a long time in various restaurants in the world

Rockefeller Center, New York

The experience of eating in the restaurant as it always happens, a common sight is tipping, even we assume is common. Although there are no rules that forbid if we are reluctant to give, just the feeling of always wanted to give, regardless of the reason. Well, as it happens at a restaurant owned by a businessman in New York, Danny Meyer, had a revolution that can change the culture, habits, at least it was done in 13 of his restaurant in the city which was nicknamed the "Big Apple".

He really did it, eliminating the tradition of tipping.

Of course behind all hope that guests no longer tip, Meyer will also increase the basic wage for the chefs and waiters to raise the price of basic food and drinks at the restaurant.

Maybe we need to know that whatever it is, tipping it produces an exceptional value, generating tens of billions of dollars per year to the waiters. Here there is injustice, because the other restaurant employees, including chéfs and kitchen workers, no portion of the tip.

Times Square, New York

Habits are hard to break, isn't it? Such as an article in Reuters, wrote how this practice takes place, for example, several restaurants in New York has discontinued the practice of tipping. Others give wisdom tipping to include basic tip on the check.

However, to give a tip for services received by consumers is still widely practiced in the United States. Always plenty of opinions evolve, Danny Meyer to change, something that takes time and the process, because of the dynamics of restaurant workers will be a lengthy process of attraction, of course.

In the end, customers enjoy a menu in a restaurant, then satisfied, sometimes making this new culture pending.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia, Reuter /Images L Priyanti, A Schramm)


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