Surfing in Bali Giving Fun for the Traveler

Fans of this sport is pretty much coming from various regions

Kuta Beach, Bali

Bali is known since a long period from the beginning of this century, many of those foreigners who originally knew an island with strong tradition characteristic.

Traditional societies with religious beliefs from Hinduism to be the color of this exotic island, with the scent of the countryside gives uniqueness for the newcomers, then naturally known by tourists from various adjacent region.

As if the traveler wants to know where to enjoy their holiday, and specifically the needs of travelers on nautical sports are often crowded beaches of Bali, specifically present surfing fans, they even form a community of fans.

You'll find out later, when Bali has a beautiful sea area and fun to surf, tease fans of the domestic and international surfing player.

Surfing evolve naturally, fans came there in various places, and nobody suspected they were present at various beaches on the island. As one player surfing there, Piping, said in an interview with a tourist site, surfing fans develop well, look at places surf board rental and "surf school" more and more.

Indeed, the southern island region heavily favored to be the location of surfing, you can also explore the waters of Jembrana in the west, even to the waters of Karangasem in eastern Bali.

The Surfer

Bike of Kuta Beach, Bali

The surfers love the beach area with the tempting waves, there are 200 points favored by surfers, and auto-related businesses thrive, some surf board rental and surf school that is currently highly developed and advanced with the cost of rent surf boards per hour just USD 5, - while the surf school per two hours can cost up to USD 350.

Bali is not only known as an island that offers the atmosphere of sheer Hindu tradition as well as their unique culinary, but also known as the island of surfing enthusiasts.

As said by Andrew from Australia who has several times come to Bali, "I love Bali. I love surfing here, usually I am on the beach of Tulamben, Karangasem."

Surfing does attract tourists, and it seems you'll more often see them cross paths with you, the surfing fans on the beaches of Bali comes to challenging the points of good waves.

Source: Sri Lestari – KompasTravel
Image: L Tambajong, R Kristanti, N Ginting


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