Qatar Airways Records Furthest Non-Stop Flight

The long flight from Doha to New Zealand cover 14,535 kilometers

Qatar Airways

Non stop flights farthest been passed by an airline in the Middle East, Qatar Airways is using aircraft numbered QR920 landed safely at 7:25 am and traveled for 16 hours 23 minutes.

If you had boarded the plane, it is conceivable fatigue happens, boredom, and other mixed feelings, regardless you get treats and beverages high in the sky the first class there.

Interesting article reviewed by a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, January 8, writes the experiences faced by the airline, considering travel time and distances will be very tiring and challenging.

But the excitement of the airline through the official Twitter account showed an optimistic attitude.

"We have officially landed in Auckland Airport."

Extraordinary challenge from the airline, citing the AFP website, because the air manifold Boeing 777-200LR had crossed 10 time zones, and piloted by four pilots and served by 15 crew members.

They, Qatar Airways said that the flight duration is longer than the entire film 'Lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit', which is entirely produced in New Zealand.

If you're on a plane fly so far, can you imagine to have the opportunity to enjoy a dish, 1,100 cups of coffee and tea, cold drinks 2,000 and 1,036 meals served.

When they landed, the challenge is exceeded, and the entire crew of the airport to welcome Qatar Airways flight with a water spray.

Happily welcome from Todd McClay, New Zealand Trade Minister said flight services will contribute revenues of US$ 36 million and directly increase the number of tourists visiting the country.

But. Its own record for the airline, Qatar Airways has been a record-breaking flight undertaken by Emirates from Dubai to Panama as far as 13,800 kilometers last year.

Even earlier, they managed to break the record for long-distance flying non-stop which was first performed by Air India, from Delhi to San Franciso.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: Qatar Airways


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